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Tuesday, August 23, 2016

You knew the Illuminati in High School

Bob Woodward: The story is dry. All we've got are pieces. We can't seem to figure out what the puzzle is supposed to look like. John Mitchell resigns as the head of CREEP, and says that he wants to spend more time with his family. I mean, it sounds like bullshit, we don't exactly believe that...

Deep Throat: No, heh, but it's touching. Forget the myths the media's created about the White House. The truth is, these are not very bright guys, and things got out of hand.

I always remember Deep Throat’s line whenever I hear some story about a devious scheme cooked up the elites that’s been planned for decades to reshape some new world order. I don’t doubt the masters of the Universe have a plan. Lots of people have plans that mean nothing. You can plot out an elaborate plan to get into top shape and start a business that will sit on your desk for ten years while you watch Breaking Bad and eat ice cream. Nobody how far reaching their schemes appear to be, these are just people.

I can write an elaborate plan involving a web of associates to make Emily Ratajkowski my wife. It could be an elaborate plan with graphs, figures and footnotes. I could die in a freak accident and when the plan is discovered years in the future it could used as proof that Fenton Skeegs was part of some conspiracy. All it would mean is that at one point, I wrote stuff down on a piece of paper that probably never amounted to anything.

I don’t doubt the powers that be have this desire, or even that they’ve cooked up some elaborate plans but the truth is, most grand conspiracies don’t need an elaborate plan to work, just group think and the same dynamics you remember from high school. They don’t hold secret meetings, they hold big public meetings in Davos and fund Ted Talks to spread their supposed wisdom to the masses.

I have a lot of friends who’ve worked in the restaurant industry in Washington DC. They cook food, serve booze and wait on these powerful people. I know other folks who fix things in their homes. I know their children who deal weed out of the basement and get stuck in dead end lives. These aren’t masters of the Universe, just people with family connections who’ve been fawned over their entire lives because they have the money. The supposedly devious heads of our security state are people who checked the right boxes from kindergarten through grad school and kissed the right asses. They’re smart and capable… at playing institutional politics and working up the career ladder, not playing Game of Thrones level back stabbing and far reaching societal transformation.

Spend enough time reading through alt-right websites and you’ll come across well articulated conspiracy theories related to white genocide, rigging global markets, creating a giant global world government, ushering a totalitarian state… But remember, these folks aren’t that bright and they have roughly the long term planning ability of high school cheerleaders. These conspiracies, may be true on some level in the long term effects of whatever policies they happen to be pushing, but I doubt many members of any tribe have thought through the long term consequences in any kind of hard headed manner.

Do they want to eliminate white people? That wouldn’t make any sense, I think the elites consider the white working class like an endless Ocean, an infinite resource to absorb their virtue signaling and asset strip mining in the nations, and not a finite group of productive citizens that make. This isn’t ethnic hatred of your lesser, it’s tragedy of the commons on a demographic scale. The globalized elites have the same attitude to productive economies that boomers have to great institutions that they’ve progressively ruined, an assumption that those resources will always be there to exploit and someone will always be able to clean up the mess and keep the hordes with pitchforks safely away from their front gates. Thinking about long term limits really gets in the way of virtue signaling to your fellow travelers on the Davos circuit and it may impact your ability to get your idiot kids into the vaunted class.

On top of that, caring about white working class people is just low class and your peers might make fun of you. Never forget that high school never ends for people who enter a world of social jockeying. As long as the actual consequences of the policies you push are far away from your front door, you never have to do the hard work of figuring out why they don’t work or risk losing face with the cool world your desperate to remain part of.

Consider the collapse of the World Trade Center on 9/11. To believe the Truthers, that was an inside job planned by connected people who wanted to forment a global war and start a police state in America. There’ve always been those people in government, but to assume that a government that let the Pentagon Papers walk out the Pentagon, that let an army private leak State Department cables, and which announced its’ plans for a Neocon foreign policy in clear English with giant glowing letters before that ever happened to secrete conspiring is lunacy.

I used supervise maintenance and upkeep in a small building. If random people came into the building and placed demolition charges around the support columns and then wired those charges to a central detonator, I would’ve notice it. The electricians who service the building would’ve noticed. The elevator maintenance techs would’ve noticed it as would the cleaning crews, building inspectors, carpet restorers, and the IT department. That’s a lot of people to either bribe or to organize convenient accidents and ‘suicides’.

Think about it 9/11 if the all the players had about the same level of forethought as the characters in ‘Seinfeld’. A police state in a clan based society like Saudi Arabia is in the business of knowing what its’ citizens are doing in the country and abroad. People high up in the Saudi Government were clearly aware that citizens from their country were planning something in America but they probably kept mum about it because it would be embarrassing to admit it. They took a light touch internally because admitting that would be a quiet confession that you don’t really care about terrorism in other countries and that looks bad for PR. They probably hoped that these guys were a bunch of blowhards who talk a big game and then fizzle out when dad buys him another Ferrari.

American government wasn’t compelled to ask too many questions because the Saudis spend a lot of money that pays for a lot of three-bedroom homes in good Northern Virginia school districts. Accusing them of not being on the ball with terrorists in their own country might make them wonder why they send checks to think tanks, lobbyists, news networks, defense contractors and political action committees that fund the ecosystem where you swim. So you hope that these are a bunch of phonies who talk a big game but never follow it up. Besides, there are no good hotels in the middle-east and they speak a language that’s hard to learn, and it’s nothing but dessert. You can focus on eco-terrorists in the Pacific Northwest or go undercover with a militia or a biker gang where your white face and English language skills can be just as effective in working up the GS paygrade as a far more dangerous assignment south of the border and in the middle-east. Biker gangs don’t behead people, they’re a nice safe bogeyman to stroke fears.

And then 9/11 happened and everyone was caught with their pants down. Conspiracy theorists say that there was a cover up and of course there was a cover up, but this wasn’t some grand cover up to pool the wool over our eyes. This was good old-fashioned CYA (cover your ass). Just the pathetic spin from thousands of over credentialed professionals and moneyed interests justifying why they have a job or why they still deserve access and at top dollar mixers. A great deal was at stake in the 9/11 CYA, I mean cover up, like getting your kids into Thomas Jefferson school and getting that promotion to senior project manager because your daughter got into Virginia Tech but they didn’t offer any scholarship money this year. All accomplished by hiding any evidence that you actually worked with people close to the terrorists or that they slipped right under your nose while just about announcing their plans with a giant banner.

It’s more realistic and way more depressing because it reveals that we’re being ruled by a confederacy of dunces who stumble from one crisis to another, held together only by their fear of joiners of getting shamed out of the right social circles and an instinctual desire to shame and punish outsiders who would spoil the party.

Son of Brock Landers over at the blog 28sherman has written about his belief that President Nixon was brought down by in a soft coup by what we would call ‘The Cathedral’. In his telling, Nixon had made a lot of enemies by trying to reform the bureaucracy within the Federal Government and his antagonism to entrenched fiefdoms within external agencies. Their opportunity came with the Watergate break ins, typical second semester shenanigans by a President who knew there were spies in the Whitehouse, but something that could be blown up.

What makes his conspiracy theory compelling is that it doesn’t need a grand mastermind to make sense of it. All it took was people with damaging information willing to leak it to the Press and the right conduits with the press to know what do with those leaks. In this narrative, the CIA serves as an informal underground network that would’ve put the right people together in the right people together and bought good will by spreading money around the right folks to get a sympathetic ear.

There may even have been some planning. It was awfully convenient that Bob Woodward, a new reporter with previous intelligence connections from his time in the Navy was put on the metro beat by Ben Bradlee who had CIA connections, but this is low level plotting, more akin to trading favors and building a good network than step seventeen in an elaborate chess game. They didn’t need an elaborate plot to want to take down Nixon, or any coordination and pull the trigger, just dependence on the same bloated system and a common enemy who was a real threat to their cushy lives.

And this is how, in my opinion, we should view all of these supposed conspiracies that bubble out of the more paranoid corners of the alt-right. Not well thought out, multi-generation plots out of a science fiction novel, but loose consensus thinking that happens when the anointed ones spend too much time with each other and remain completely ignorant in a life that discourages real deep reflection, but rewards faux sophistication and surface level thinking about all things.

Do the elites have a plan to remake the world into a New World Order with globalized elites? Of course, but it doesn’t take some Illuminati scale organization to make that happen, just bringing together smart ass kissers from around the world to work in Multi-nationals.

Do they have a plan to downplay crime rates by certain groups? Without a doubt, but that has as much to do with our new concepts of blasphemy (speaking the truth about race) and peer enforced social conventions as any conspiracy to start a race war.

Did the Rockerfeller foundation think feminism would prevent a global population explosion? It probably helped but what else would you think was going to happen when post war prosperity, anti-biotics, reliable birth control and increasingly sexualized mass media hit a generation with more personal autonomy than any previous group of young people enjoyed in their lives?  Ideologies are rationalizations of what technology has already made possible. Try promoting second wave feminism in the 1910s and it would've gone nowhere in a world without television, good medical care, labor saving devices or decent birth control.

These folks just aren’t bright enough to plan that far ahead, nor have their lives equipped them with any desire to truly stare into the abyss. They’re too busy following the latest trend and jockeying for a better position in their little status games.

And just like in high school, the rulers of the social sphere aren’t the smartest or the most deserving, but the kids who spent their whole lives thinking about what it takes to join the cool group.

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