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Saturday, July 30, 2016

They also want to monopolize your pity

There needs to be a better term to describe the messianic tendencies of the extreme white liberal. The kind of person who’s turned ‘inclusiveness’ into a sermon. The type of sheltered suburban dweller who wants to invite a rainbow of different ethnicities into formerly white enclaves, occupations, institutions and clubs.

I call this ‘Passive Aggressive White Supremacy’, the unspoken, and mostly subliminal belief that everything that’s been built up white people must be shared with non-white people of the world, except Asians, because it’s so wonderful and the lack of access to these expressions of whitetopia are what is holding down the brown man. The subconscious belief that all ethnicities must validate that which white people created, because denying them access to this rich world is the greatest sin.

I think something deeper than self-hatred drives inflames their passions. People hate themselves, accept their defeat in resignation and disappear, never to be heard from again. Into the absolute freedom of having no hope. They self-destruct through drugs and mindless rebellion, they don’t devote their lives to helping people who never asked and probably will never return the sentiment in their lifetimes. People wallowing in self-hate don’t volunteer to teach URMs in ghetto schools. Defeated people don’t spend their youthful years dreaming of community organizing and fighting for ‘social justice.’

Behind the desire to invite the world non-whites into spaces that are identified as white is an implicit assumption, never articulated, that these worlds are the best expressions of whatever ideal they represent. Kids fighting for inclusiveness at Ivy Leagues aren’t trying to destroy it but to invite everyone else into the awesomeness that is a bunch of colleges built to train clergy in pre revolution America. It certainly isn’t to do anything for the HBCUs or to even understand their role in black America.

There’s a streak of condescension behind even the most altruistic seeming acts and gestures of charity. You help people because they are beneath you and you can do something that they cannot do for themselves. To give charity, however benevolent the intention, you’re establish where both of you exist on the status hierarchy. If you truly considered them equals, you wouldn’t need to help them and you wouldn’t think of doing so in the first place. Once you see the mindset in that way, a lot of the social justice warrior meme makes a lot more sense. Their starting point is not that white people have sinned against the world, but that we haven’t invited everyone else to bask in the great world that white people built and kept the rest out of.

Think of the sheltered white women who spend years working in Africa, generating thousands of Instagram pictures with smiling third-worlders. Think of prep school kids trying to make: tennis, golf, mountain climbing, and even polo more ‘inclusive’. Think of square white kids fighting imaginary fascist University administrations whom they imagine are keeping hordes of desperate black and brown teenagers out of their hallowed gates. Think of the idealistic white lay grads who fill the ranks of public defenders offices, underserved public schools, ‘community out-reach’ programs and the like.

These kids certainly aren’t out there getting into rap battles, or customizing their low riders to cruise around in. They aren’t going to trashy Sunday church services in some non-descript neighborhood. They’re not watching Univision, or the Steve Harvey show. They’re not hosting quinceañeras in their back yards. In short, they’re not taking part in a foreign culture in the way that people who’ve lost faith in their own would do. They love the white world and think everyone else will succumb to its’ superior ways once we do away with ‘Structural Racism’ or ‘White Privilege’.

The philosophical underpinnings of white privilege never deny that, for the last few centuries, white people have been doing most of the ‘winning’ on a global stage. This is winning in the way defined by Donald Trump and Charlie Sheen. The winning of conquering and not being conquered, of spreading your culture and mores, not absorbing them. This is a subject that I’ll deal with in another piece.

Passive Aggressive White Superiority is merely an expression of the White Person Messiah Complex that’s tailored for our more sensitive age. Generations ago, Jesuits and Missionaries spanned the globe to save the downtrodden from Sin. The British made it their mission to ‘civilize the world, while the Chinese were content to keep to themselves, implicit in their superiority over the world. Of course, white people just can’t come right out and bask in their superiority by trying to save those they subconsciously consider inferior, so they have to code it, even from themselves.

So they make a new religion with its’ own original sin, the failure of historic white people to include the world’s other races, except Asians, into his great legacies. Inventions, economies, legal doctrines, institutions and cultures that are thought to be superior to all else by the very assertion that everyone else would’ve thrived had they been given access. It’s a form of racial pride expressed in the passive-aggressive language of today's sheltered youth that makes the white man superior by demoting all other races to mindless victims of his machinations. Even when they try to make it about the downtrodden minorities, the Passive Aggressive White Supremacist still shunts the objects of their pity to the role of a supporting character.

It may seem insane to blame white people for ‘structural racism’ for all manner of ills that plague URM communities and third-world hell holes, but it makes perfect sense if you believe, deep in the soul of your being, that only white people have the power and moral authority to fix it. It seems like compassion, but it’s really a form of condescension, as are most of the expressions of Passive Aggressive White Supremacy.

At least real White Supremacists just come out and state their beliefs.

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